Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bixler 2 Power System Upgrade

Here are two options for upgrading the Power System on a Bixler 2 if you've got the motor mount extension.

This seems to be a popular setup that many people use.

Here's one that even stronger... the 10 inch prop requires you to cut into the tail boom a bit.  Andreas and I are hoping that the extra power will be worth it when it's full up on FPV and autopilot gear.

(note: this motor has a limit of 32 amps, and as configured it hits 30 amps on the bench... be forewarned!)

BTW, regarding servos... you need 6 if you do the flaps.  I'm pleased with these.  If your radio can handle the mixing, you can use two channels for the flaps.  Otherwise, get a servo reverser.

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