Friday, January 11, 2013

Turnigy 9XR with modules

Here's some quick pictures showing how my current 9x modules fit into the 9xr.  This is the FrSky module with whip antenna.  This is the module that I anticipate using the most, so I'm happy to report that it's a perfect fit and the antenna is nicely positioned.  Laying the radio down flat isn't a problem.
 Here's the original FlySky module, the one you have to unsolder from the 9x when you first get it.  Case fit is good.  As with the 9x, it's painful to see the weight of the case resting on the antenna, although as a practical issue it doesn't seem to present a real problem.  I used enough epoxy to patch a battleship, so I'm not too worried about it.  I possibly might replace this module with a store-bought FS TM002 module, which has a profile similar to the FrSky module.
 Here's the FrSky with the patch antenna.  Super-happy with how it contours to the case.
The odd duck in the bunch is the OrangeRX DSM module.  It's a tight fit in the case, so I use my pocketknife screwdriver to release one of the tabs (update: fit has loosened up, so no problem now).  The module align properly, so there's no stress on the Tx pins.
I'm not sure why HK positioned the antenna connector the way they did, but it's not in a good position.  The radio basically pivots on the antenna.  I'm not too concerned about this, since I plan on getting the 9xr DSM module whenever it comes out. (update: I'm still using the module, and it's continuing to work well. No problem with the odd antenna position!)

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