Saturday, January 5, 2013

Turnigy 9/XR with FrSky Telemetry, Shopping List

Here's a complete shopping list.  (update: this post used to have "telemetry" and "no telemetry" options, but FrSky discontinued their non-telemetry line.  I've updated the post to remove links to the discontinued non-telemetry items.  Note that even if you get the telemetry-enabled units, they work just fine without using the telemetry.)

First, you need the "no module" version of the transmitter.  Get the "Mode 2" (left hand throttle) unless you know otherwise.

Here's two good LiFe batteries.  The 2100 has a bigger capacity, but IMO the 1500 is fine for many hours and a better value.  That's the one I've used before.  You can also use just about any 3S battery if you've got a spare, so you can consider this "optional but recommended."  I've been using a 3S 500 mAh and it's been great.
Here's the telemetry module with one receiver, and extra receivers.  The module comes with one receiver.  Get enough receivers so you have one installed on each model.

Note: everything below is optional.

Here's the telemetry display screen.  It plugs into your module. You need to figure out a way to attach it to your transmitter.  Most people attach it to the transmitter handle.

Here's a better whip antenna and a patch antenna.  The higher the dB, the better range, and the more directional.  Neither of these are very expensive, so they're probably worth it if you're doing FPV or autopilot stuff.

Here's the Voltage sensor.  It's the only sensor that doesn't need the sensor hub.  It's the sensor that makes the most sense (haha!) to get.
Here's the sensor hub and some other sensors.
[shopping note:  all the above links have an affiliate code which gives me a small credit when you use them, at no cost to you.  Some people are bothered by the concept of affiliate codes... if you are one of them, please feel free to remove the affiliate code!]


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  2. Hello, why I need FLVS-01? Doesn't D8R-II Plus do the same job?

    Thank you!