Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zephyr II launching notes

From Chris:

Launch with 3/4 throttle to full power.
Align elevons to match wing top foil contour out by the wing ends
and give 3 to 5 clicks of up.  If you align with bottom you will
stall it as soon as you launch and naturally try grab for elevator
up.This will also cause the roll out during the tip stall, its not
an issue with lateral balance , its you stalling it by too much up
input and no airspeed.
Once you get it flying and trimmed power on then do a few passes
under good power and chop the throttle to see if she rises or drops
once power is removed.  If it does either than your thrust angle
is off ,and will need to adjustment.
Launching it with no power and holding it back by the prop opening
is just asking for finger slicing issues.

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