Monday, February 6, 2012

XBee thinks it's a Mouse on Windows...

Here's a problem I had when connecting the XBee to Windows:

  • Plugged in xtremebee USB.
  • Kept getting behavior as if the right mouse button was being pressed.
  • APM could not connect over XBee link.
  • Opening the "Devices and Printers" control panel showed that Windows 7 was thinking the xbee was a mouse.

I looked at various settings to see if there was a "this is not a mouse" button.  I didn't change anything, but it seems to have fixed things.

John Church figured out the problem and the cure:

  • It happens when the APM side is powered up before the PC side.
  • When the USB is attached, Windows sees data coming in over the serial link.
  • Windows comes to the (stupid) conclusion "this must be a mouse!"
  • Fix: power up the PC side USB XBee before powering up the APM.

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