Sunday, July 17, 2011

ScrtSqrl's cheap pan-only, crazy-simple, zero-drift Head Tracker

Here's the original CGroups link and an update where ScrtSqrl unveiled his nifty head tracker.  Genius!

Basic Idea:
  • take a control (e.g. flaps) pot out of your radio
  • extend the wires so it will reach your head
  • add a lever and attach it to your hat
  • add a bungee cord, attach to your radio
  • attach cam servo to appropriate channel (e.g. flaps) on radio
Now as you look at the radio, the servo will be centered, and as you move your head to the left or right the servo will follow along. Be sure and check out the update... there's a lot more information on his nicely portable FPV ground station.

Vimeo link:

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