Saturday, March 12, 2011

Turnigy 9x notes

Here are some notes on:
Backlight kit.

I got one, it's really nice!  You have to install it yourself, but it's not very hard.  Be careful if you're taking out the screws for the first time.  Note that the PC board has two sizes of screws.
Receiver Polarity
  • Signal on top
  • Ground on bottom
Receiver Channel Assignments
  • channel 1               ailerons
  • channel 2               elevator
  • channel 3               throttle
  • channel 4               rudder
  • channel 5  (I assigned to GEAR)
  • channel 6  (I assigned to THRO HOLD)
  • channel 7
  • channel 8

Radio Knobs and Dials
  • thro hold (cut)         left front bottom
  • gear                          right front top
  • pit trim                    left top dial
  • hov throttle            right front dial
  • hov pitch               left front dial
Entering Name
  • To select the letter, do a "long menu", hold down the menu key for a half second or so.
  • Some programmer has a lot to answer for! 
Throttle Reversed?

If your throttle is reversed, you may have made a mistake when setting the sticks to mode 2.  If you set the mode, DO NOT push menu when it asks to reverse throttle, just push exit.

Weird MODE?

On the screen, you may see you are in MODE 1 when first starting up.  You're not in "mode 1" as in sticks, you're on "model 1".  MODE=MODEL.  This was what led me to me mess with the mode and end up reversing the throttle as mentioned above.  Don't be fooled like I was!
    Binding Instructions
    • turn off transmitter
    • plug ESC into channel 2
    • bind plug into BIND
    • add power to ESC
    • Step back at least 6 feet (this seems IMPORTANT!)
    • push bind button on back of transmitter
    • power on transmitter
    • wait for receiver light to stop blinking
    • power off receiver
    • power off transmitter
    • remove bind plug
    • power on transmitter
    • power on receiver
    • test!
    Replacement Battery

    Some people have recommended this as a superior alternative to putting NiCad batteries in the stock battery holder.
      Whatever you do, DON'T REVERSE BATTERY POLARITY, many people have reported smoking their receiver by doing this.  There's some suggested fixes involving soldering some diodes into the battery circuit on the motherboard.


      Possible ArduPilot mix formula here:


      Short story: failsafe only works in PPM mode. :-(

      take some pics

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