Thursday, January 20, 2011

Push Rods Revisted

Filling in a bit more of what I have learned about micro pushrods.

  • For small flyers, the reference standard seems to be the Du-Bro Micro Pushrod System #852 (30" x .032"):
New Du-Bro Micro Pushrod System. (2) 30"x.032 pushrods, (2) 30" pushrod housings and (2) micro E/Z Links and (2 Mini E/Z Connectors. Great for indoor and park flyers! 2/pkg.
  • The EZ links are: Mini E/Z Connector (Cat. No. 845)
  • Hobbyking links come in 1.5mm and 2mm.
  • The EzFly kit comes with 1.5mm carbon rod, 4 wire z-bends, and heatshrink.
  • Heatshrink z-bends to the carbon rod, and heat.  Put a drop of CA and allow it to wick into the heatshrink
  • Don't try putting the z-bend in the center of a hollow rod, it won't stick.
  • You can use a z-bend on both sides of the push rod.  Center the servo, align everything, and heatshrink the z-bend in place.  Once you're convinced everything is properly aligned, Apply CA.
  • Somebody uses TIG welding wire for the rod.
  • A lot of people use 1/32'' (almost 0.32) piano wire.  These need to be fed through a housing to maintain stiffness.  Attach the housing to the plane somewhere.
  • The z-bends can be made from a paper clip or .072 piano wire.
  • For a housing, try plastic coffee stirrers. Heatshrink together if you need them longer.
Push Rod Weights
  • 1.5mm CF
  • 2mm CF
  • 3mm hollow CF
  • 1/32'' piano wire
  • z-bends
  • heatshrink
  • coffee stirrers

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