Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Reorganizing

So after fiddling with this thing for a while, I think I've got a good plan for organizing things.  First, the goals of the blog are to be:
  • a running journal of what I'm doing
  • a compendium of things I've figured out ("Mark's RC Encyclopedia")
  • a tumblog (sp?) of things to look at further
After trying several approaches (pages, tags, etc), I think I've come to the conclusion that a tag-based system works best on blogger.  No surprise I guess, the google-brain seems to be tag-based!  So:
  • pick some standard tags for the above topics, or anything else that needs to be a "subject"
  • make the "combined" page by using the tag-search page, e.g.
  • Put these on the side bar by using the (whats this called?) list page feature.
  • tag nomenclature?  should it be "by the numbers" or "by-the-numbers"?  Since the search is url-based, let's use hyphenated names for now, so we don't have to pass around an ugly %20 in urls.
  • style guide: use singular for the label, plural for the collection.  e.g. "vendors" will be a collection of label "vendor".
Some problems to figure out later:
  • the search/label approach lists the pages in reverse order.
  • the search/label approach possibly limits the number of pages returned.  for now, that doesn't seem to be much of an issue.
Start off with these tags.  I won't keep the list updated here, it will be on the list-thing on the side bar
  • by-the-numbers --  everything figured out about equipment specifications
  • arcticopter -- about the arcticopter project
  • the-fleet -- planes in the fleet
  • vendors -- links to random vendors and notes about what they are selling
  • ghetto -- awesome low-cost stuff
  • blogging -- blogging stuff
  • set up some standard tags: by-the-numbers for technical information

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