Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Jumper R8 Notes

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STM Flasher and Tutorial

For STM STM32CubeProg on Mac:
Double clicking the installed app just bonces the icon in the dock once and then quits . You can get it to run by right clicking on the installed package (STM32CubeProgrammer.app), selecting 'Show package contents' and navigating to Contents/MacOs/bin/STM32CubeProgrammer and right clicking 'open'.

  • STM32 F103C8T6 6Q25E 1193
 LED colors

  • steady green: signal good
  • blinking green: signal bad
  • solid red: signal low
  • blinking green: signal bad
  • solid red: signal lost

Jumper Manual R8

Flashing new firmware on Jumper R8 connections.

  • Use STlink V2 programmer.
  • connect STLink device ,press Target/connect.
  • If you receive "Read out protection" enabled warning, go into "Option bytes" and disable it.
  • Press "Erase/Chip" after that press "Program&verify" load the binary file to be flashed.
a12967115-35-Jumper_R8_1.png (1916×928)a12967117-191-Jumper_R8_2.jpg (3264×2448)

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