Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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Capturing a double-pull of a momentary switch

Thought I'd share this snippet for capturing a double-pull of a momentary switch. Applications include anywhere a 'safe' switch is required, for example for arming a motor or u/c operation.


Pull SH twice within a 1.5 second window. The second pull is captured as an edge in L3.


L1 Edge(L02, [0:instant]) Duration(1.5s)
L2 ( Edge(SH-down, [0:instant]) )
L3 L01 AND L02

How it works
  • Pulling SH generates an edge in L2, which cascades to L1 a clock tick later.
  • Because an edge is true for just a single clock tick, L3 is true only from the second pull. This must be within the time period set in L1.Duration (1.5 secs).

Simple demo - each double-pull toggles a sticky switch:

L4 Sticky(L03, L03)

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