Sunday, July 19, 2015

9xr Pro Taranis Gimbals

OpenRCForums user Myckey has a nice pair of posts on upgrading the 9xr Pro with Taranis gimbals.
I'm preparing to try it.  I'll make a video and take some pictures.  Prepping for that, here's the steps as I understand them.


The goal of this step is to modify the wiring so that the gimbal has two sets of three wires going into each 3-pin plug.  One set of wires is for the X axis and one set of wires is for the Y axis.

  • release the six gimbal wires from the multipin plug.
  • release the wires to both pairs of the 3-pin plugs.
  • attach each set of 3 wires from the gimbal to the 3-pin plugs.
When this step is completed, you have a 3-wire set for the X axis and a 3-wire set for the Y axis.


We need to modify each gimbal to fit in the 9xr gimbal hole.  Each of the four corners of the gimbal has an "ear" with two holes.  A bit of trimming will allow the Taranis gimbals to fit securely into the 9xr gimbal mounting plate.

  • sand or dremel the outside of the ear, removing the outside hole.  leave some material around the inside hole, as we will enlarge that.
  • open the case and remove the old gimbals. note that you will disconnect two wire harnesses for each gimbal.  leave the gimbal faceplace attached.
  • push the new gimbals to the faceplate so that the gimbal holes line up with the 9xr gimbal posts.  It's a friction fit.
  • check the alignment of the holes.  each gimbal hole should be about 1mm offset from the 9xr post.
  • turn the 9xr over and see if there's a gap between the gimbal and the faceplate.
  • if there's a gap, sand or dremel the gimbal around the mounting hole so that the gimbal will sit flush to the faceplate.
  • Enlarge the holes in the faceplate only using a 3mm or 1/8'' drill bit.  Drill from the top of the 9xr.
  • Attach the gimbal to the faceplate using a slightly longer screw (TBD: length?) of the same diameter (TBD: diameter?).
  • The gimbal should fit flush against the faceplate.

Inspect the fitting, attach the wires, test the harness connections,  and close up the case!
  • connect the shorter wire harness to the inner 9xr gimbal connection.
  • connect the longer wire harness to the outer 9xr gimbal connection.
  • attach a battery and test the gimbals as described in the next step.
  • close up the case.

Two things can go wrong with the wiring.  The X and Y axis can be swapped (i.e. moving the stick up and down shows motion in the horizontal direction), and the X and Y axes can be reversed (i.e. left stick motion show right motion in the radio).
  • go to the calibration menu.
  • if the X and Y axes are swapped, swap the two connectors.
  • if either the X or Y coordinates are reversed, swap the two outer wires of that connector.

Myckey's instructions are here.  A lot of people have wanted better 9xr gimbals, so a big shoutout to him for figuring this out in such a superb way!
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