Sunday, March 1, 2015

Recording Taranis Audio Files

Here's some notes on recording Taranis Audio Files.  It assumes you can (a) download and install software on your computer and (b) see your Taranis SD card.

  • Project Rate (Hz): 32000
  • Audio Track: Mono
  • Sample Format: 16-bit PCM
  • Export Format: WAV (Microsoft) Signed 16-bit PCM
  • Audacity -- Open source, multi-platform recording software.
  • CleanMyDrive - (Mac) Cleans junk files when disk is ejected.  Use this to get rid of the extra files the Mac Finder puts on the SD card.  Some of the filenames are too long and confuse the Taranis.
SD Card Location
  • User sounds go in /SOUNDS/en
  • System sounds go in /SOUNDS/en/system
  • The SD card will show up in the Finder (Mac) or on the Explorer (Windows).
  • If you're on Linux i'm sure you already know how to find it. :)
  • "en" is for English.  I think there's corresponding folders for different languages.

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