Wednesday, May 15, 2013

EastBay RC on KBS "World Today" show

A couple of weeks ago KBS sent a crew from their "World Today" news show to the US to report on the current state of civilian drone technology. Andreas and I demoed both fixed wing and multirotor craft, and took them for an FPV ride. They also talked to 3DRobotics and the ever-awesome Roswell Flight Test Crew. Lawyers, Protesters, Law Enforcement and Activists are also featured, blessing the Korean population with their views on the current state of American dronism.

The broadcast is of course in Korean. This clip from "World Today" is used by permission of KBS.

The videography was really good.  Here's some shots from the EastBay segment.

 Because nothing says East Bay like the Golden Gate bridge!
 "Drone Pilots in Morning Sun."  I think Renoir was the inspiration for this shot.
 Setting up at the Picnic Tables.  These picnic tables will feature prominently in the annals of the history of small hobbyist drones.  I'm convinced they'll wind up at the Smithsonian.
 Getting the Zephyr II ready.
 Likewise for Ye Olde Bix 2.
Launching the  Zii.  Notice how fearlessly the intrepid ground crew grasps the wing just inches from the prop!
 Flyby in the Sun.
 The results of our latest experiment, we have successfully melded Andreas with a quad.
 We unfortunately forgot the rest of the tinfoil hat here.
 The reporter really liked the FPV.  Thankfully we had a reporter with good eyesight, since FatSharks are so lame for people with glasses.
 Coming in for a low pass with the Zii.
 Andreas says:  "blah blah blah"
 Uploading a new mission.
 And getting ready to execute the mission.  There was much placement of bodies and jackets to get the screen as visible as this for the camera.
 Some quad pilots are just better looking than others!
 Dancing quads!
 "3DR, prestigiously endorsed by EastBay RC!"
And more "blah blah blah" for three whole screens of subtitles.  Can't anybody get this guy to shut up?


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  2. Hello Good to See.
    Unfortunately, South Korea increase regulation due to N.Korea drones issue. We really envious US drone market.

    - from S.Korea FPV club Andy Choi