Monday, September 10, 2012

Telemetry Cable for the 3DRobotics Radio

Here's how to make a telemetry cable for the 3DR Radio.  It's slightly different than the one 3DR sells. The 3DR cable has a 5-pin connector on the radio side.  I like the 6-pin connector with an empty pin because it reduces the number of ways the connector can be incorrectly hooked up to the radio.

If you do much of this kind of stuff, you owe it to yourself to get the most excellent crimping set from Hansen Hobbies.  Here's some notes on cable making in case you're interested:

(TODO picture of radio end)
(TODOpicture of APM end)

Cable (4 wires)

Radio          APM       Color
-----          ---       -----
1. GND (BLK)   1. GND    Black
2. CTS            empty
3. 5V          2. 5V     Red
4. RX          3. Tx     White
5. TX          4. Rx     White
6. RTS            empty

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