Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mixing THRO to ELEV on DX6i

Here's some notes I posted on rcgroups about DX6i mixing.  The goal is to mix the throttle to the elevator, so that increasing the throttle doesn't make the plane rise.

  • MIX1 and MIX2 are "free mixers" that can mix any two channels together
  • pick THRO as the master and ELEV as the slave
  • the THRO has two things that can be mixed: D and U. D for when the throttle is between 0%-50%, and U for when the throttle is between 50%-100%. (This makes more intuitive sense if you think of the rudder -- you might need some correction when turning right but not left).
  • set the switch to SW = ON. This makes the mix always active. You can bind to one of the switches if you want to turn it on and off.
  • pick some small values: 0% for D and -10% for U (negative percent = down)
  • take off, and get some altitude.
  • give lots of throttle. you should see it rise like you are used to, but a little less
  • the ELEV mix is proportional to the THRO
  • play with the two percentages until it's how you like it
  • be careful and don't do too much at the beginning. If you mixed -100%, you would go right into the ground as soon as you throttled up!

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