Monday, June 27, 2011

RadicalRC Stinger Kit

I'm having a bit of trouble bending blogspot to my will regarding captioning and photos... I'll get some more words and pictures up shortly!

Here's the start of the Arcticopter 3, which will be as light and as small as we can make it.  After we get the full-size build flying reliably, I'll try trimming the arms down and see if it will still be stable in the air.


  1. Could you tell me how i can connect the radio receiver??
    I have a Futaba R168DF

  2. Andrs, that depends on what control board you have. Each board will have its own instructions, but the receiver part is pretty similar for all. All of them connect aileron,rudder,elevator,throttle, and some of them have an extra channel for stabilization control.

    Here's some notes for one of the simpler boards, the KKBoard: