Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Notes on cutting BluBaby 33

Some build notes on cutting BluCore:
  • really sharp blade.  box cutter is fine, the thick blade makes it easy to make straight cuts.  there aren't enough tight curves where you will need a thinner blade.
  • make two bodies at the same time if you have the foam, if you want the practice
  • when laying out, flip the wing and body templates so you will have left/right sides with the good side facing out
  • lay out the wings so that any foam "ripples" run longitudinally (left/right) across the wing.
  • some pieces have an "inside" and "outside" (body, bulkheads).  cut these from the parts of the foam with lots of ugly printing, so that the printing is hidden on the inside.
  • some pieces are exposed on two sides (wings, elevator, rudder, stabilizer).  Cut these from areas of the foam that look nice on both sides.

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